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Cole Harbour Place: 434-4749 

Fall River: 576-7676

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Along with Dartmouth/Cole Harbour, we provide driver training in these areas in Fall River:

 B2T 1G7, B2T 1J1, B2T 1H7, B4E 1J7, B4C 2S1, B4C 3C8, 2R 1Y6.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

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Did you know?

Drivers aged 16-24 are disproportionately involved in more vehicle collisions than any other age group.

  • Our student teacher ratio is kept low. It's 1-16 so as to provide the attention each student deserves.
  • Our instructors are fresh at all hours of the day. We limit our instructors to a 6 hour in-car day.
  • Our sessions last a full 60 or 90 minutes. We do not reduce your lesson time to include our travel to the next lesson.
  • Our total instructional time of 10 hours is not reduced. We won't secretly steal your final hour of instruction to use for your road test.
  • We are accredited by 2 major agencies in Nova Scotia: The Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Better Business Bureau.
  • We annually support the Safe-Grad at a local high school by donating a FREE $729.00 value course to the school which they auction off. Value of

Q - Do I need my beginners license to start your Learn to Drive course?

A - NO! You don't need your beginners license until you are ready to

start your in car driving lessons. Many people start the course without

their beginners.


Q - When will I start to drive and how often are my lessons?

A - You can start to drive with your family as soon as you get your beginners license. However, you will start our in car lessons as soon as your classroom sessions end. Your in car lessons will be based on YOUR availability and are generally an hour and a half, once a week, although some lessons vary due to skill level, availability etc...


Q - How much of an Insurance discount will I get for taking the Learn to Drive Course?

A - You will have to contact your Insurance company

to get an exact figure but it's not uncommon to

receive discounts of 33-40% depending on your

vehicle type & year, claim history etc....


Q - Will you teach me how to drive defensively?

A  - Yes! By definition, defensive driving is driving to

 prevent collisions in spite of the actions of others

and the conditions around you. We will teach you

how to drive defensively regardless of the weather,

traffic, road and lighting conditions.


Q - Where will you pick me up for my driving lessons?

A  - We will pick you up at school, home or work as long as you are in our pickup zone.


Q - What happens if I miss a classroom session?

A  - No worries! You can attend a later class at either the Fall River or Dartmouth/Cole Hbr. locations as long as there's a seat for you!  :)


Q - How & When do I book my road test?

A  - You must contact Access NS to book your road test. Your driving instructor will discuss with you exactly when to do this when you meet with him/her.


Q- Will I drive in all conditions including snow?

A - Yes, as long as it's safe. You will have to know how to drive in all conditions eventually so it's actually a great chance to learn.

Driving Schools are not all the same.

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