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Cole Harbour Place: 434-4749 

Fall River: 576-7676

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Along with Dartmouth/Cole Harbour, we provide driver training in these areas in Fall River:

 B2T 1G7, B2T 1J1, B2T 1H7, B4E 1J7, B4C 2S1, B4C 3C8, 2R 1Y6.

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25 hours of Classroom Training

10 hours of Driving Instruction

N.S. Government Approved


Our recognized certificate course teaches our students to be a confident and capable driver on today's roads. We will discuss different skills and techniques to use behind the wheel in REAL WORLD driving situations.


When you become  a student of MRD you will learn everything from the basics of stopping, starting and steering, to more advanced skills such as busy intersections, parking, highway driving and accident avoidence.


Our Learn to Drive course also offers students the following:


  • Reduced wait times from 6 months to 3 months for the Government Road Test.


  • Any applicable Insurance Company Discounts.


  • The ability to remove the N from your license after two years of driving.

6 hours of Classroom Training.

Remove the N or points from your drivers license.

N.S. Government Approved.

Learn to Drive Course:  

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The N.S. Approved, "Canada Safety Council Driver Improvement Course"
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Defensive Driving Course:  

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